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The mission of The Superlative Club is to improve the educational experience of students by offering life-changing, artistic learning opportunities. We create spaces where students are influenced by world-class instructors who are also experts in the arts!

Premier After School Experience.

About Us.

Our after school club is different... in a good way! We put the best artists in
front of our students because we believe that this will ultimately make the
difference in their lives. But we also understand that good artists are not always
the best instructors. Therefore, all of our instructors receive rigorous classroom
management, behavior management, and parent communication professional
development. Our instructors are thoroughly trained in classroom best practices
that have been proven to work.

Students enjoy a positive atmosphere curated by our instructors that they will
remember for a lifetime. School partners and parents enjoy the comfort of
knowing that their students are in the hands of talented, well-trained instructors
who are professional, detail oriented, and fun!




Martial Arts


Graphic Design



"Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

- Pablo Picasso -

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