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See what some of your clients have to say.

“I love going to the Club after school! Cooking was my favorite class because Mr. Z taught us cool recipes”

Student Durham, NC

“The Superlative Club was great for my daughter. She was really shy about singing, but after working with Ms. Corzanno, she’s showing lots of confidence! Constant communication with her instructor made all the difference.”

4th grade parent, New York City

“We’ve gone through the ups and downs of after school programs before. The Superlative Club is definitely different than the rest. We hope they are here to stay.”

Melissa Shoemaker, Parent

“It feels good to be able to pull back from the day to day oversight of running an after school program. I can honestly say that we’re relieved to hand it all over and to know that everything will be taken care of.”

Johnathan McGuire, School Administrator

“I didn’t even want to go to school anymore, until I started doing karate with the Superlative Club. Now, I look forward to going every day.”

Marley Brown, Student  

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